What the Managers Benefit in FIFA Ultimate Team

Aug 28, 2013

Every club that is ambitious to gain the fame will have to prepare a couple of technicians to get support from for players’ work.

The article is going to show you who are FUT staff, how they will affect you on the way to success in building your club as well as how can you choose them. Learn about the knowledge in this article. We are going to talk about the managers.

The role of manager is more complex in staff category. The manager card has 3 basic functions: increase the morale of players; help extend contracts of players; contribute to chemistry of the team.

First, a team should have a manager at least. He will contribute to the chemistry of the team by favorite formation and nationality.
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The staff which belongs to the club will positively influence the contracts and the morale of the players. Each manager card will show the percentage obtain in contracts and morale provided by the manager.

By applying contract cards or the team talk cards, the influence of them will be multiplied through the sum of the coefficients of the managers which this club has. The coefficients could even reach to 50% at most if you have enough managers. It is valid for the cards both: contracts and motivational speeches. The managers who sit on bench will need contracts to continue to be active.

The manager contributes to increasing effect of the team talk cards or contracts with the value about from 1% to 3%. The value will be written in manager card like nationality, amount of contracts and preferred formation.

You can find 4 gold rare managers 4 silver rare managers and 4 bronze rare managers who is the exception to the rule since they respectively contribute with 2%, 1% and 1% to players’ morale as well.

In FUT 13, you can find 151 managers: 33 gold, 51 bronze and 67 silver. You should check their nationality to search more easily for the managers who contributes most to your squad’s chemistry.

The question that should be asked first is: is it necessary to buy managers? Of course yes. We could earn and save thousands of fifa coins in long run, especially the ones who increase the contracts cards’ effect. The managers purchasing is disapproved only for the players who don’t think they would play for over 100 matches. In this case, the investment you put into managers’ cards might be more than what you’ll earn by them.

Another question is that what managers you should buy. We should basically buy enough managers to achieve this 50% effect with least fifa coins online spent, regardless of the tactics, nationality, the amount of contracts and the level (bronze, silver or gold).

For such purpose, it’s here that we’ll have to do the math. It will make no sense to purchase Low, Del Bosque and Mancini since the 3 managers will cost thousands of FIFA ultimate team coins that could be used for buying more managers of lower-level what will boost more moral and contracts as well.



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